The Atonement

A young black woman struggles to reject evil influences of generational curses passed down from her mother, while repenting and trying to live a redeemed Christian life.

The generational curses are the result of Satan issuing assignments to Demons in the world against children of the 21st century.

Her involvement in sexual immoralities as an early teen, comes back to haunt her adult life.

She struggles to stop her life from retracing her mother’s life, while falling in love with a true man of God.

Spiritual Demons assigned by Satan are determined to take her out, all against the Will of God and her confidants, who are spiritual warfare warriors.  They can save her, but SHE must save herself from herself.

These internal conflicts pull her from one extreme to the other.

She never knew her father as a child, and the later revelation of who he might be, sends her to the edge.  It is ‘on this edge’ where she finally finds Christ and a husband.

From exotic dancer to praise dancer, from the penthouse, to the poor house, to the Palace; she experiences all aspects of Christ’s divine exchange.

It’s a Biblical Thriller, a drama, a tragedy, a tearjerker, a love story, a Gospel Musical, it’s Spiritual Warfare, it’s intensive, it’s emotional shocking, it’s thought provoking, it’s deep, it’s the triumph of good over evil, it’s about marriage, it’s about single hood, it’s punishment for forgiveness, sinfulness for righteousness, wounds for healing, rejection for acceptance, poverty for abundance, shame for glory, death for life, curse for blessing, old man for new, its Christ and the church, it’s repentance, it’s the truth.

It’s the perfect Atonement!